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Preview-a-Book provides book excerpts to booksellers, distributors, libraries and more!

What We Do at Preview-a-Book

  • Preview-a-Book is a company that specializes in the business of book excerpts.  We create/convert, aggregate, and license/distribute book excerpts for and on behalf of thousands of publishers around the world.

  • Preview-a-Book takes books (hardcopy, PDF files, EPUB files, or ONIX files containing excerpts) and converts them to formats that our customers want (HTML, XML).

  • Our excerpts are all received with the full permission of the publisher, and contain copyright holder information for proper citation.

  • Online retail sites, book marketing sites like NetGalley, and library systems use our database of over 555,000 book excerpts to help readers discover the value of an individual book.

  • Our database is also crawled by major search engines. This improves a book’s ranking in search engine results.

See a sample excerpt here.

  • Depending on volume and preference, publishers submit files to Preview-a-Book via FTP (preferred), automatically through our sister company NetGalley, or via email (low volume).

  • Preview-a-Book extracts the Table of Contents, the copyright holder information, and the lesser of the first 10% or 17,000 characters of the content to be included in the excerpt. See a sample excerpt.

  • Preview-a-Book standardizes the format of each excerpt in HTML and XML.

  • Every two weeks, Preview-a-Book delivers all newly standardized excerpts to its database licensees.

  • On the same two week cycle, Preview-a-Book delivers newly standardized excerpts back to customers who pay for that conversion service.

Publishing companies participate by sending us their files to be included in our database of excerpts. There's no charge to publishers for the Preview-a-Book excerpt service and it's easy to participate.


First, fill out this blanket permission form.
By submitting the blanket form, publishers agree to worldwide distribution of the excerpts we create from their EPUB files.


Once the form has been submitted, we can accept your files in three ways:

  1. A unique password-protected, dedicated FTP site, which we'll set up for you. Most publishers simply ask their digital distribution company to add us as one of their search and discovery partners, so when files go to Search Inside and Google they also automatically go to us. Publishers can also upload their files themselves directly to their Preview-a-Book FTP site.

  2. Publishers who use NetGalley, the digital galley and pre-publication promotion service, can check a box when adding a new book to NetGalley and share the file automatically with Preview-a-Book or publishers can have Preview-a-Book pick up their files directly from NetGalley on an ongoing basis.

  3. Publishers using Firebrand’s Eloquence on Demand, the industry gold standard for metadata and content distribution, can select and send files directly to Preview-a-Book for excerpting. Fill out Eloquence’s Elite Partner Setup Form and submit it to You’ll be contacted by an Eloquence on Demand staffer with further details.


Twice a month, we convert files to uniform HTML/XML text browsing excerpts. We always delete the whole book files after we create the excerpts.


Finished excerpts are then distributed to our retail, wholesale and library partners, including Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor TitleSource and Content Cafe2, NetGalley, Cokesbury, EBSCO/host and Gardners Book (UK).


Finally, our partners post the excerpts to their websites, if they carry the books.


For publishers who cannot give blanket permission for all of their books, but wish to submit a few titles, please use this single title permission form.


Preview-a-Book excerpts do not include cover art or images of any kind.

Preview-a-Book Conversion Services

Let Preview-a-Book help you convert your excerpt content into a digital format that has gone through layout and quality control measures to ensure the reader is getting the experience the writer and publisher had intended.

With more than three decades of experience in content management, Firebrand and Preview-a-Book have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality content in multiple formats.

We provide services to orders large and small. Your organization can engage Preview-a-Book for a subscription of some or all of our titles for your book marketing purposes on your website.

Our team ensures the fastest possible turnaround of your project with a customized conversion workflow, usually in about two weeks, while maintaining a quality control to ensure accuracy for the best reader experience.

If you are interested in licensing our database (or a subset of our excerpts), click here >

Large Retailers

We provide excerpts to retailers in custom packages or a subscription service of our entire database for their use in online display and discovery.

Book Marketing Services
Marketing outlets, like NetGalley, use excerpts to drive discoverability and engagement through reading samples.

Author services companies
Author services companies use us to create excerpts for authors or their own marketing packages.

Specialty retailers
Specialty retailers can order a small subset of our database for a particular use or application for their market segment.

Library system suppliers
Library system supplies provide our database of excerpts to tens of thousands of libraries worldwide.

If you are interested in licensing our database (or a subset of our excerpts),
click here >

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